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Full Intro: Alexa Byrd

Introducing... Alexa Byrd

Alexa Byrd was born in Atlanta Georgia, daughter of Lamar & Yolanda Byrd. She has three other siblings, two brothers and one sister. Her mom started harmonizing with her after she noticed Alexa's beautiful voice. She started cheering & dancing for fun & exercise in the beginning, as she grew she started loving it. She entered middle school at the age of eleven and decided to join her schools’ orchestra playing the violin, while taking private piano lessons. She dance and sang in different amateur musicals. Her dance consists of (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop). In October of 2009, she auditioned for the Apollo in Atlanta, she made it through, she performed live on April 7, 2010 in New York at the Apollo Theater, which was a very happy night for Alexa, because she got to visit New York, and she won.
In May of 2011 Alexa, auditioned for the X Factor USA, she made it all the way through Fox Producers & into the celebrity judges. She got two yes however; she needed three yes to do the show. After this experience Alexa, decided to stop learning the piano, continue with the violin, & add recording sessions in the studio.
On October 15, 2011, Alexa joined forces with Fly Guy Inc., a music production company spearheaded by Guy Mitchell who has worked with numerous industry greats. This music partnership advanced Alexa’s music journey with fourteen original songs and a music video. Alexa’s vocal versatility is showcased through songs anchored in Hip/Hop & R&B but infused with Pop, Techno & House Music. Alexa’s voice can best be described as a warm soulful serenade with a modern vibe. Long, tedious hours in the studio combined with excelling with honors in school and excellence in numerous extracurricular activities, has prepared Alexa for the challenging schedule demands ahead needed to be successful in the music industry.
Presently, Alexa, is continuing to audition and perform live every opportunity she’s given.

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