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Full Intro: Hayley Lavelle

Introducing... Hayley Lavelle

Well I am a girl on the go (sometimes) that lives in a small town urging for some adventure. I have so many ideas to do with my life and I don't know what I want to do. So I guess I will have to do it all. I am a complete goof ball with a shy side. I love practical jokes. sneaking up on people, gags and other stuff. I can be serious when it is needed though. I love to be there for others. I am the Protector of others. I put people before myself. I enjoy, movies (a lot), music, and I also play music. There isn't a day where I can't have music in my life. any kind. I play the flute and piano. I love animals. If I wasn't so bad at science I would want to be a veterinarian. I would love to work with animals. Hey maybe be an animal wrangler for the movies. OR have my own movie with animals. Like a female Crocodile Dundee. That would be awesome! I think I was born in the wrong time. I am currently learning how to dance. My Fiance and I have taken Salsa, Tango and now we are working on Rumba. He is also teaching me to sword fight since he did it professionally for 3 years. I am a writer. I love to write all kinds. I have 3 different books I am working. One fantasy adventure, one modern day chase adventure, and one horror. I love using my imagination. hanging out with friends. I am really into martial arts and standing up for the people I care about. Just have to remember to live one day at a time. I would really love to do some traveling. I haven't really been anywhere and want to see what the world can throw at me. If you want to come let me know. I’m ready to not only see the world but I want to show the world what I can do. Skies the limit. "No day but today!!!"

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