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Full Intro: Jeanne Dunn

Introducing... Jeanne Dunn

I have been performing in amateur (community theatre) productions for decades, usually in character roles that are compatible with my age and physical appearance (round!). Although I have primarily appeared in musical theatre productions, I am most passionate about the ACTING aspect of any role I play. I believe true acting is felt and experienced -- not played or pretended.

My theatrical training was peripheral. I worked at Emerson College in Boston during the early 80's and took advantage of the opportunity to audit classes, serve as a performer for directing students, attend countless performances of all types, and spent many evenings doing improv with people who have moved on to "fame and fortune." It was, in essence, the "school of life" that nurtured my inner actress.

I will be directing my first musical (THE SPITFIRE GRILL), casting in November 2009 and going up February 2010, and stumbled upon StageAgent while surfing the net for reviews and articles as part of my directorial research.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors of Danville Light Opera in Danville, Illinois. This well-established and respected community theatre company is in its 55th season. We exclusively produce musicals. Danville is also home to The Red Mask Players (non-musical theatre), among other performing arts groups. For a small, blue-collar city nestled among fields of corn and soy, Danville is strong in its support of the performing arts (including in the public schools), and has produced a list of notable performers including Dick and Jerry Van Dyke, Gene Hackman, Bobby Short, and Donald O'Connor.

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