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Full Intro: Joshua Crouch

Introducing... Joshua Crouch

Hello and welcome to my StageAgent page. I was trying to get an mp3 for you all, but it was blocked due to a pop up. I was hoping you would be a great site to go to. Well I will just say this. :) My name is Joshua Allen McCartney that is my biological / blood name. I am adopted now and my last name was changed to Crouch. I have a story along with my life and love sharing it through music and acting. I have a large history with Acting in musicals, play's, large group speech, and individual speech. Along with acting, singing has been the talent I have been doing the longest, I have been singing since I was a one year old. And here are some singing performances I have done: Talent shows, Karaoke competition's, gigs all over the state of Iowa, I performed at the Iowa State Fair in front of hundreds, I have done The Bill Riley Talent Show and I have won several Iowa County Fair competitions, I went and auditioned for American Idol hoping to get the feel of the show and that’s all I wanted. I got through the producers and then I made a poor decision at the head producer round. I was not feeling my best health wise, I did great vocally it’s just not what they were looking for at the moment, and I have done so many more singing performances I just can’t think of every single one. I have State awards, All state awards, Certificates, trophy's, Plaques with my name on them, ribbons, and that pretty much raps it up. I also have talent in my blood, and one of the gifted and talented family member is Sir Paul McCartney, he is a cousin and I was told by my McCartney family at the Family reunion that he is a 5th cousin. I have been told by friends and family also people who enjoy my singing and performing to go and be on T.V. and to start my own music as well. I have two wonderful sister's who are SO talented as well. My sister Sheri is an amazing artist, and actress., and my other sister Carrie is amazing at opera and music in all, she can act and do art as well. We as brother and sisters, have been blessed with talent, and after being abused to where we might not even be here today is amazing that we can share are story and talent. I love all the fans I have, it's just I would like to share my talent to the world and not in a one state, because I have some other family, friends, and fans who have only heard me once or not at all. I get phone calls asking if I would sing sometime in other places, but it’s just too far and I wish I could find a place where I can work with someone on my music, and acting and perform to those who have been waiting to see me.

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