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Photos: Katharine Ruppert

My favorite head shot

As Princess #12- YPTMTC Once Upon A Mattress 2010

A stage husband after my own heart-as Brenda with Big Bob (Anthony Chan) in Smile- 2010

As Emily in "And Then There Were None"- 2009

As Snow White in Once Upon a Broadway- 2010- YPTMTC

HOMEROOM~ with my awkward ponytail in an awkward show about awkward people.

"Valentinoooooooooooooooo"- as Mildred in Saturday Night- 2011- YPTMTC

The only picture that Mills High School saw fit to describe Inspecting Carol. I'm really surprised we didn't get shut down after the full set of these photos of the cast and crew in various compromising positions came out in the school paper.

Cast Of Mills Mattress 2011

Mildred- Saturday Night. 2011- YPTMTC

It's good to be Queen <3- Mattress 2011

"Sensitvity"- Mills Mattress- 2011

I'm your undead prom date @ Scare Grove Performance 2010

Post show. Inspecting Carol. 2010

Screwing Around between scenes- Mills Mattress 2011

My 71 true loves <3 Mills Mattress full cast, crew and orchestra silly photo. 2011

"Dino loves Mildred...or at least her nose..." Saturday Night 2011- YPTMTC

From quite humble begginings.

A rather uninteresting photo of me getting my make-up done, but it's the only way for me to give Marion Branch all the credit she deserves for turning me into old women, and retired pageant contestants for two years <3

Thank you Marion <3

Leading Dance warm-ups

Wearing a takeout box -FDS 2009

The suspense builds- And Then There Were None 2009

Rehearsal...for God knows what show...

Emily Brent- And Then There Were None 2009 Gilligan's Island: Live On Stage 2011 Gilligan's Island: Live On Stage 2011 Gilligan's Island: Live On Stage 2011 Gilligan's Island: Live On Stage 2011 Gilligan's Island: Live On Stage 2011

Soaking wet and unclothed. Inspecting Carol. 2010

There are pretty much no photos from As You Like It.

Since this show closed 3 years ago, occasionally I get an enthusiastic compliment about my performance as Audrey (the whore), which leads to a month of nasty comments about my morals from the people I live with. It's Shakespear, get over it.









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