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Full Intro: Leah Mayes

Introducing... Leah Mayes

I've been involved with theater and been on the stage for various reasons, since I was a small child. I love having hte skills to tap deep within myself and touch so many different characters. It makes me realize how complicated and intricate we all are. I love being able to reach people on a personal level by creating an environment where they relate to what they are seeing and it touches them inside of themselves. wondrous things can happen then. People can change, be inspired, realize new things and never be the same. that is creation and it is powerful. a power that in its own way, can help shape our world. I am honored to be able to provide an element that can ripple out and recreate things in a way that they would never be without my influence. it is an example of our strength as free thinking humans and it is magnificent!

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