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Full Intro: Natalie Poirier

Introducing... Natalie Poirier

Hiyahh! My name is Natalie Poirier, but I love going by Nat (I find it much more personal. I used to be very shy in high school, but I'm branching out a bi more, and who knows!
Anyway; musical theatre (or theatre, I general) is my passion. Every day I come home from work or school, I go right to my room, position my laptop on top of my TV, and belt out whatever show tune sparks my brain (or reenact Tony wins such as Idina Menzel's in order to prepare for my eventual time).
My idols include Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel, and Lea Michele, and I have a picture of each right next to my mirror as inspiration. My ultimate inspiration comes from the one and only fictitious Rachel Berry. Through her, I've a newfound confidence that I will forever and eternally be grateful for. I strive to be as ambitious, dedicated, and motivated as her and I will not quit. Like her, I have a favorite symbol. Though not a gold star, I admire the symbol of the heart and crown (and no, not like a Claddaugh ring). To me, it symbolizes the idea that love will conquer all and my love is this art. Musical Theatre, to me, goes unmatched to anything else I've encountered in my life and is one of the closest things we have in this world to magic.
Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy! :)

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