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Full Intro: Phoenix Coffee

Introducing... Phoenix Coffee

Hi, I'm Phoenix. I'm just a regular boy. You know. Except where most boys like to ride bikes and chase after balls and act tough and stuff, I like to read and play board games and write songs and stuff like that. I wrote a song when I was 3 years old, called 'Rockefeller Center'. Let's see...Oh! I LOVE BRIAN REGAN! And Eddie Izzard, although, my mom says that if she ever catches me using some of the language that Eddie uses I'm going to be in more trouble than I can imagine. I can imagine a lot. Let's see, what else...I'm fascinated by space and NASA and rocket science. Yeah, I know, rocket science. I think it would be funny to be a rocket scientist and, when explaining my job to people, end with, 'It's not rocket science!'. HA! Anyway. I love people. I love performing. Right now I'm in my school's musicla, Into The Woods, Jr. playing the role of the Baker. I hope to get more involved with acting. The End!

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