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Broadway Musical, Play and Opera Character Descriptions

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Name Show Role Size Age Gender Voice
A husbandman The Acharnians 0 - 0 male spoken
A Lamplighter Manon Lescaut cameo 18 - 75 male soprano
A little girl Look After Lulu! cameo 15 - 25 female spoken
A Lord The Taming of the Shrew cameo - male spoken
A Maid Miss Liberty N/A - female
A maid servant Where's Charley? cameo - female
A man Act Without Words I lead 20 - 40 male mute
A megarian The Acharnians 0 - 0 male spoken
A Mexican Woman A Streetcar Named Desire cameo 35 - 70 female spoken
A Minister Miss Liberty N/A - male
A Monk Don Carlos supporting 50 - 80 male bass
A monk La Gioconda cameo - male baritone
A mother Dead Man Walking cameo 40 - 60 female
A motor cop Dead Man Walking cameo 30 - 50 male bass
A naiad Armide supporting - female mezzo
A Negro Feast in Time of Plague supporting - male mute
A Nun Nine N/A - female
A Nurse A Streetcar Named Desire cameo 30 - 45 N/A spoken
A nymph Les Boréades N/A - female soprano
A Paralegal Dead Man Walking cameo 25 - 35 N/A