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Operas: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Operas

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Gabriella di Vergy Gabriella has been forced to marry Fayel after her childhood love Raoul is presumed to be dead. In f... 0
Galileo Galilei Drawing from letters of Galileo and his family, and various other documents, the story concerns Gali... 0
Gawain Morgan le Fay, Arthur's wicked half-sister, uses her magic to stir up trouble. She has The Green Kn... 0
La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) La gazza ladra is the story of a young girl who is tried and sentenced to death for stealing a silve... 0
Götterdämmerung Brünnhilde sends her lover, Siegfried, off to explore the world keeping only the magic ring he has ... 0
Gemma di Vergy The Count of Vergy has his marriage to the barren Gemma annulled. At the Count’s second waiting, ... 0
Genoveva After the Christian knight, Siegfried, answers the Bishop of Trier’s call to join the crusade agai... 0
Gianni di Calais Gianni di Calais is a melodramma semiserio, a "semi-serious" opera in three acts by Gaetano Donizett... 0
Gianni di Parigi ''Gianni di Parigi'' is really the Dauphin of France who has taken the identity of a wealthy burgher... 0
Gianni Schicchi After Buoso Donati (an extremely wealthy man) dies, chaos ensues. His money-grubbing relatives, pre... 13
Giasone A comedic opera in three acts loosely based on the story of Jason and the golden flace.... 0
Gilgamesh Based on the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, the opera takes place in the beginning of Mankind at the ti... 1
La Gioconda The opera is based upon the Victor Hugo play about the tribulations of the beautiful Gioconda. Barn... 0
Giulio Cesare After a great battle, Julius Caesar has followed his foe, Pompey, into Egypt. In an ill-thought att... 3
Gloriana ‘Gloriana’ depicts the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I of England and the Earl of Essex. ... 0
The Golden Cockerel The opera tells the story of a lazy and gluttonous King who seeks advice from his sons, a general an... 0
Gondoliers Two handsome gondoliers have just found wives. It turns out that one of them has inherited the thro... 6
The Grand Duke ... 4
Le Grand Macabre The central subject of the opera is mortality and its central character is Death, in the form of the... 0
Griselidis Griselidis is a story about a common theme: the problems caused when one makes a deal with the Devil... 0