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1 Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman without a Shadow) Taking place in the mythical empire of the Southeastern Islands, the Empress is unable to bear child... Richard Strauss
2 La dame blanche (The White Lady) Dickson, a tenant of Count Avenel, learns from the English officer George Brown that the wicked stew... Eugène Scribe
3 Euryanthe Euryanthe is betrothed to Count Adolar. In a hall in the palace of King Louis of France the count si... Carl Maria Von Weber
4 Donna del lago, La (The Lady of the Lake) Ellen, daughter of the rebel chief, Douglas, loves Malcolm but is promised by her father to Roderigo... Gioacchino Rossini
5 Moise et Pharaon (Moses and Pharaoh) In return for Moses restoring light to Egypt, the Pharoah agrees to free the Israelites. However, Ph... Gioacchino Rossini
6 La scala di seta (The Silken Ladder or Die seidene Leiter) Dormont is the teacher and guardian of the beautiful Giulia, and he is determined that she will marr... Gioacchino Rossini
7 La Vestale (The Vestal Virgin) The Vestal virgin Julia finds herself divided between love and duty. She is duty bound to watch over... Etienne de Jouy
8 Armide Set during the First Crusade, this is the love story of the sorceress Armide and the Christian knigh... Christoph Willibald Gluck
9 Il Mondo della luna (The World of the Moon) The bogus astrologer, Ecclitico, wants to trick the protective Buonafede into allowing his daughters... Joseph Haydn
10 Il re pastore (The Shepherd King) The king of Macedonia, Alessandro, has overthrown Stratone, the tyrant of Sidon, but aims to find th... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart