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1 Wild with Happy A contemporary comedy about life, death and dealing with loss. When his mother passes away, struggli... Colman Domingo
2 The Dining Room The Dining room is set in an ordinary, uptight household. The area where any family came together ev... A.R. Gurney
3 The North Pool The North Pool is set in a seemingly typical American public high school. The play consists of two c... Rajiv Joseph
4 A Tuna Christmas A Tuna Christmas is a broad comedy set in the fictional town of Tuna, Texas. The plot centers on the... Jaston  Williams
5 Enter Laughing Loosely based on the life of Carl Reiner, the story takes place in 1938 and focuses on a stage-struc... Joseph Stein
6 Jewtopia Chris O’Connell, an Irish-Catholic who doesn’t know bupkis from being Jewish, wants to marry a J... Bryan Fogel
7 Yes An extremely fearful man does his best to work past his problems and turn his energy towards love. ... Richard  Dresser
8 Phobophobia Paul has just become a police officer. It was a grueling, long test, having to deal with all his ph... Richard  Dresser
9 Safe A woman is so petrified about the possibility that her cancer might return that she refuses to even ... Richard  Dresser
10 I'm Here for You A man is dating a girl half his age, and that girl is now pregnant. His daughter, Amy, does not lik... Richard  Dresser