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Plot Summaries & Character Descriptions from Important Musicals, Plays, Operas & Ballets

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La dame blanche (The White Lady) Dickson, a tenant of Count Avenel, learns from the English officer George Brown that the wicked stew... 0
Dames at Sea A group of performers are preparing for their upcoming show, Dames At Sea. The cast includes the di... 6
Damn Yankees Joe Boyd is a typical middle-aged man who is addicted to baseball. Every baseball season is painful... 91
Dance A little Closer Taking place on New Year’s Eve at the Barclay Palace Hotel in the Austrian Alps, the show conc... 1
The Dance and the Railroad Set in 1867 in California, ‘The Dance and the Railroad’ tells the story of two Chinese laborers ... 1
Dance of the Vampires If the vampire Count Von Krolock can seduce the virginal Sarah at midnight on Halloween, vampires wi... 11
Dancing at Lughnasa Set in the fictional Irish town of Ballybeg, the story is told from the viewpoint of Michael, who re... 15
Dantons Tod Dantons Tod concerns the story of Georges Danton and his attempts to fight back against the cruel ta... 0
Daphnis et Chloé In the story, adapted from an early Greek play, Daphnis and Chloe, both abandoned in infancy on the ... 0
Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold) Das Rheingold ("The Rhine Gold") is the first of the four operas that comprise Der Ring des Nibelung... 0
A Day in Hollywood A Night in the Ukraine A Day in Hollywood is the first half of the show and features songs, sketches, and dance numbers al... 3
Dead Man Walking Set in 1980s Louisiana, Dead Man Walking concerns the relationship between a death row inmate, Josep... 5
Dead Man's Cell Phone While at a café, a man dies. But his cell phone will not stop ringing. The woman at the next tabl... 4
Dear Edwina Dear Edwina is an uplifting musical about the pleasures of growing up. Thirteen year-old Edwina Spo... 0
Dear World Dear World is the story of three "Madwomen" who deviously scheme to stop businessmen who p... 1
Dearest Enemy The musical is set in New York City in 1776 during the American Revolution. The story concerns an A... 0
Death in Venice In Death in Venice, the German writer, Aschenbach, decides to travel to Venice. Upon his arrival, he... 0
Death of a Salesman In Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, we follow Willy Loman as he reviews a life of desperate purs... 133
The Death of Klinghoffer The Death of Klinghoffer concerns the hijacking of the passenger liner Achille Lauro by the Palestin... 0
Defying Gravity A free structured look at the 1986 Challenger disaster places the teacher who dies with six others a... 1