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Plot Summaries & Character Descriptions from Important Musicals, Plays, Operas & Ballets

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Show Title Synopsis Fans
Wait Until Dark Frederick Knott’s thriller is the story of Susy Hendrix, a recently blinded housewife who unwittin... 17
Waiting for Godot The play tells the tale of Vladimir and Estragon, two vagabonds perpetually awaiting a meeting, whic... 42
Die Walküre Die Walküre ("The Valkyrie") is the second of the four operas that comprise Der Ring des Nibelungen... 4
Walking Happy Taking place in an industrial town in Lancashire, England, in 1880 the show concerns a hard-drinking... 0
War and Peace ... 0
War Music War Music is an interdisciplinary art performance based on Homer’s classic The Iliad. The play is ... 0
The Wasps ... 0
We Will Rock You Taking place in the distant future, the story of ‘We Will Rock You’ exists predominately as a fr... 151
The Wedding Singer It’s 1985 and rock-star wannabe Robbie Heart, who still lives in his grandmother's basement, is Ne... 68
Weird Romance Weird Romance is a two one-act musical containing with a curious mix of a science fiction framework ... 0
Well Well is a funny and touching comedy about mothers and daughters, mind over body, social activism and... 1
Werther ... 1
West Side Story On the mean streets of New York City, two gangs are in a long-lasting duel. The Sharks, a Puerto Ri... 1192
Western Star The show takes place in the Colorado Territory, circa 1875. The citizens of the town of Esperanza w... 2
What About Luv? The show takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge over New York’s East River. Harry is about commit... 0
What Corbin Knew What Corbin Knew is a comedy about Richard Corbin who is an architect that has a fancy skybox. He m... 0
When We Are Married Priestley’s 1938 British farce begins when a group of old friends, all married on the same day in ... 0
Where's Charley? Taking place in 1892, Oxford University students Charley and Jack are excited about their upcoming d... 0
Whistle Down the Wind Taking place in a small village in America's deep South, a devoutly religious 15-year-old girl, Cath... 22
The White Horse Inn Set in the beautiful Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria, ‘The Whitehorse Inn’ concern... 1