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Tips on Choosing a Song for Auditions

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Posted: 27 Apr, 2009
by: Admin A.
Updated: 27 Apr, 2009
by: Admin A.

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You should always prepare two different songs: a ballad/emotional tune to show your emotional range and lyric phrasing as well as your sensitivity to words and thoughts.   Your second choice should be an up-tempo song to show your sense of rhythm and how thrilling you are as a performer.  The best kind of audition number in either category is a humorous one.  Make sure you entertain!

Another thing to consider while selecting a song to sing at an audition is what type of show you are auditioning for.  If you trying out for Les Misèrables  you would probably not want to sing “I feel Pretty” from West Sid Story  However, if you are trying out for The Music Man a happy, fun song would be perfect.  Knowing the musical you are auditioning for is essential to your choice of song. 

The song you pick should show the broadest range of your abilities.  Songs in drama and literature are used as emotional shorthand - the ability to put an incredible amount of content into as few words as possible.  Be in character when singing.  Act!

Finally, sing a song that is appropriate for your age. There are hundreds of great songs that fit many ages, vocal ranges, and personalities.   Find the ones that are best for you.

Do not:

•    Change the lyrics of a well-known song           
•    Sing original songs
•    Sing songs written by the composer or authors you are auditioning for
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