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Choosing the Right Audition Monologue

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Posted: 27 Apr, 2009
by: Admin A.
Updated: 27 Apr, 2009
by: Admin A.

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If you ever watch American Idol you will notice that Simon often chastises the singers’ on their song choice.  The wrong song can ruin a performance even if a singer has a great voice.  Monologues are no different.  You might be a great actor, but if you choose the wrong monologue, the casting agents will still send you home packing.  Conversely, if you are a mediocre actor but choose a great monologue, your talents will shine more brightly.

When choosing a monologue, keep these goals in mind:

Pick a monologue and perform it in a way that shows your acting strengths.  Go for a character that shows you can act.  If in real life you happen to be a perky, young blonde don’t choose a monologue performed by a perky, young blonde character.

Select a character who is the kind of role you enjoy playing.  Never portray a character you think the audition audience wants to see.  Casting directors rarely know exactly what they are looking for. They just know that they want to be wowed.  You have a greater chance of impressing your audience by playing a role that interests you.

Choose a monologue that shows your character trying to manage a vital conflict in his or her life.  Your goal is to have your audience rooting for your character as if they were watching a full-length performance. 
Find a monologue that contains an unforeseen that changes your character’s initial goal so he has more to react to.
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