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1-Minute Theatre Games

Advertisement: The team must advertise an imaginary product. The advertisement can be a song, a short scene or anything, but must sell the product.

Alphabet: A scene is acted in which the first words of everyone's dialogue must be in alphabetical order. Thus, if Bill comes out with "A nice day for it,", Jenny might follow with " Better than yesterday, that's for sure!"

Classic In A Minute
: The team must act out a condensed version of a classic story in one minute.

Death In A Minute
: A scene is acted, during which at least one character must die, of whatever cause.

Expert Double Figures: One player takes the role of an interviewer and another takes the role of an expert. The interviewer then interviews the expert about their area of speciality. The catch is that the other team members kneel behind these two and act out their hand gestures. The players and the hands should feed off each other.