The Wizard of Oz (RSC version)

Next time I enslave a whole nation, I mu

Wicked Witch Of The West

The Wizard of Oz (RSC version)

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Age Range
Act Two, Scene Five
Time & Place
The Witch's Castle
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Next time I enslave a whole nation, I must check out their intelligence first. Nikko, Nikko! Where is the commander of my aerobatic apes? There you are. I have an important task for you. My enemies are about to enter the Haunted Forest. I want you to rouse your men and snatch the sickening little girl and her equally nauseating little dog. Exhausted? What do you mean you're exhausted? Alright, alright. I'll conjure up a spell to take the fight out of her. Now which of my creepy crawlie creations shall I send to plague her? The flibberty gibbet? No! The fly by night? No! Aha! I have it! The jitterbug! Well may you gibber. There is no more infectious bug in my book of spells. Once bitten, they can never stop dancing till they drop! And when they do, you shall be there to scoop up the little brat and the little brute and bring them both to me! Now go! Do my bidding! Fly, fly, fly! Soon those darling little slippers will grace my dainty feet... I wonder if the Winkies do shoe repair?

Kane, John (adapted from the MGM film script). The Wizard of Oz (RSC Version), Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc., 1987, pp. 103-4.

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