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Full Intro: portia mcduffie

Introducing... portia mcduffie

Hi, i'm portia. I am an actor, singer, dancer,artist, and all around performer. I have been dancing since i was 2. I have performed at giant stadium. Where lil jj, hurricane chris, and soldier boy performed at. So, I got to meet them, face to face. I have performed every year in the New york city puero rican day parade. With artists there. I love my talents, and understand that with out struggle there can be no sucess. I made a promise at a young age to never give up. Even though as a 20 year old dancer it is very hard to follow your dream and make it. I am very fun to be around and easily get along with others.I am very funny, I am known to get a crowd going in the darkest of days. But, when its time to work, its time to work. I am praying for this chance, this big break for me. I want this soo, bad!

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