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Tom Wrench


Trelawny of the Wells

  british british rp accent 30s actor playwright performer artist dedicated unappreciated thankless naturalism radical unsuccessful poor shabby unkempt good humored kind generous loyal cheeky flirtatious crush friend with a clean-shaved face curly hair and eyes full of good-humor” age 30. british rp accent. tom wrench is an actor and playwright at the bagnigge-wells theatre. though tom is a dedicated artist he has spent the past decade performing the small thankless roles. he is dedicated to his playwriting seeking to abandon the melodramas that are popular in favor new naturalistic plays. “i strive to make my people talk and behave like live people don’t i—?” he explains “to fashion heroes out of actual dull every-day men—the sort of men you see smoking cheroots in the club windows in st. james’s street; and heroines from simple maidens in muslin frocks. naturally the managers won’t stand that.” his new way of writing is radically different from what sells tickets so no one will produce his plays. as such he struggles greatly financially. he lives in the smallest flat on the top floor of mrs. mossop’s boarding house rarely being able to light a fire. he strives to look as good as his peers but with his well-worn apparel he always looks somewhat shabby and unkempt. he accepts his lot with relatively good humor and is a kind and loyal friend. he cheekily flirts with his landlady mrs. mossop and has a crush on the leading ingenue rose though he aids her fiancé arthur in winning her back. tom’s friend imogen parrott eventually shows one of tom’s plays to an investor who takes a liking to the script. with funding from imogen’s investor and sir william gower tom is finally able to mount one of his scripts starring rose imogen