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What is Love?: A New Musical Workshop Auditions


New York, NY

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Posted On: Tue, Mar 7, 2017 UTC

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My name is Nader Valian, and I have wrote a new piece I would like to premiere off-Broadway after I am done work shopping it. Basically, this is a workshop for four actors to help put together the new musical, What is Love? This is a sung-through musical/contemporary opera with belting, jazz, legit, opera, rock, and pop. I will travel from the DC-area to New York for this process. Auditions will be every Saturday, with the exception of the 1st and the 18th, those will be on Friday 17th, and March 31st, through the 8th of April, 2017. The first audition will be on Saturday the 11th. Auditions will be 2 hours long, and begin at 1PM (so we end at 3PM, guys). Please bring a CD with a recording of your song from a contemporary (2000-2017) musical theater show, that is a mix of legit and pop. Character Breakdown: Jack- B2-B4 (falsetto E5)- a histrionic guy in love with every he meets Hal- G2-G4 (falsetto Bb4)- Hal's tough, patient homosexual roommate who is in the closet Jill/Inga (double), F3-B5- a girl who burns bridges/Hal and Jack's neighbor from Sweden Waiter or Waitress- F2/F3-F4/F5- serves Jack and Jill, in love with Hal Summary: Jack tries to kill himself for a stupid reason. A girl he doesn't remember broke up with him. Hal urges him to forget and go to the movies, but Jack is way too emotional. All in all, Jack is okay, he was too scared of heights to kill himself. They go to the bus stop, where Jack meets Jill. Jill, a little slow, is still quick to warn she has been in bad relationships. Jack jumps right in the shark tank, and ditches Hal, who secretly loves him, and goes off. They go to a French restaurant, and annoy their server, and Jack serenades her, and Jill causes a scene, but he does end up getting laid. The next morning, she leaves, and Jack is back to trying to kill himself. Hal is there, as always, and he confesses his feelings to Jack in an aside, as does Jack. Just then, Inga, played by the same actress as Jill, but with a blonde wig, comes and says she's hungry, and Jack says he's hungry too. And they all conclude love is a hunger in this contemporary opera/sung-through musical. Check out sound cloud for demos, which I'm still editing. Email me at to set up an appointment. YOU MUST SET UP AN APPOINTMENT to audition.


244 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, USA