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The Berubians Theater Company started many moons ago under former development Exec and Improv impresario Chris Berube. Chris had been acting professionally for years and evolved onto the other side of the stage and screen. After returning to the world of theater, Chris was a little turned off at the “pay to play” or “co-op” philosophies of other theater companies on the West Coast. He dreamed of an evolving performance space that actually focused on the performers, rather than take their money, a place that didn’t force people into expensive classes and set up multiple levels of payment. He created The Berubians and now oversees multiple theater venues that not only bring out the passion and art for all who enter…..but at no cost to anyone with a dream. He still hangs out at all of his theaters, directing, Writing and sometimes even acting. And every week he leads an improvisation workshop….for free.

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(323) 850-7827


1523 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA


Teddy Rodriguez

Performer, Artistic Staff, Dancer

  Los Angeles, CA

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