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Operas: Learn About the Stories & Characters from Important Operas

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The Count of Luxembourg The Grand Duke is in love with Angela but cannot marry her unless she bears a title. He therefore co... 0
Count Ory (Le comte Ory ) Count Ory is a bored, rich and impetuous nobleman. He only enjoys playing games with people and fin... 0
Countess Maritza Maritza, a wealthy land-owner, is tired of men trying to marry her for her money. Thus, she announce... 2
Curlew River Curlew River is based on the Japanese noh play Sumidagawa (Sumida River) of Juro Motomasa (1395–14... 1
La dame blanche (The White Lady) Dickson, a tenant of Count Avenel, learns from the English officer George Brown that the wicked stew... 0
Dantons Tod Dantons Tod concerns the story of Georges Danton and his attempts to fight back against the cruel ta... 0
Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold) Das Rheingold ("The Rhine Gold") is the first of the four operas that comprise Der Ring des Nibelung... 0
Dead Man Walking Set in 1980s Louisiana, Dead Man Walking concerns the relationship between a death row inmate, Josep... 5
Death in Venice In Death in Venice, the German writer, Aschenbach, decides to travel to Venice. Upon his arrival, he... 0
The Death of Klinghoffer The Death of Klinghoffer concerns the hijacking of the passenger liner Achille Lauro by the Palestin... 0
Dialogues of the Carmelites Dialogues of the Carmelites is a tragic opera about fear, faith, and courage in a Carmelite convent ... 0
Dido and Aeneas In order to cure her unhappiness, Dido, queen of Carthage, marries the Trojan prince, Aeneas, who is... 7
Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman without a Shadow) Taking place in the mythical empire of the Southeastern Islands, the Empress is unable to bear child... 0
Doctor Atomic Against a backdrop of desert solitude and scorched landscapes, a new millennium in human history is ... 1
Doktor Faust In order to gain the ability to perform black magic, Dr. Faust strikes a deal with the Devil's messe... 1
Doktor Mirakel Hauptmann(Captain) Silvio is in love with the daughter of the Mayor of Padua, Lauretta. Unfortunatel... 0
Dom Sébastien While the Christian king of Portugal, Dom Sebastian is invading the Muslim Moors, the Grand Inquisit... 0
Don Carlos Don Carlos, the Infante of Spain, witnesses the love of his life, Elisabeth, princess of France, sto... 1
Don Giovanni Don Giovanni opens sneaking into a house in order to seduce Donna Anna. Soon, Donna Anna appears, ch... 55
Don Pasquale Don Pasquale is an elderly and wealthy bachelor who is desperate to marry. Meanwhile, his nephew an... 11