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two houses, separated by a wall


The narrator, El Gallo, is confident, alluring, gallant, and a smooth operator. El Gallo welcomes the audience into the story and continues to serve as a liaison between the characters and the audience, throughout. He has a sweet sentimentality and a presence that suggests that he knows things that no one else does. Despite his gentleness with the audience, El Gallo also has the ability to wreak great havoc within the world of the play. El Gallo creates the romantic, magical evening that fosters Matt and Luisa’s love, but he is also the orchestrator of the various challenges they face and horror they witness once the moonlight disappears and the harsh sun comes out. He orchestrates the staging of young lover Luisa’s “rape,” and, in doing so, puts on a grand performance that even impresses old pros and hired actors Henry and Mortimer. Despite the cruelty he inflicts on the young lovers, El Gallo’s intentions are pure. Through all of the hardship he puts them through, El Gallo strives to bring the lovers to a place of great maturity, honesty and strength, from which they can love more deeply. In his words,“we all must die a bit before we grow again.”

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