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two houses, separated by a wall


A romantic adolescent, Matt is in love with Luisa and in love with love itself. He studied biology in school, but when it comes to romance, he throws all scientific or logical thought out the window. Matt is poetic and effusive in his love for Luisa. Although he is not naturally bold or physically imposing, he is quick to defend Luisa when she is in danger. Matt is not always successful in this, though, and is humiliated by his frequent failure. Despite the love he feels for Luisa, Matt begins to feel trapped by his relationship, once the romantic moonlight goes away, the harsh sun comes out and reality hits. He wants to go out and experience more, meet more people, to “drink and gamble...to grow a mustache!” After Matt is exposed to the horrors that are possible in the real world, he is humbled and comes to understand how much he loves the simple life he once longed to leave behind.

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