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two houses, separated by a wall


Matt’s father. Hucklebee was once in the Navy and traveled around the world. It was in the Navy that he discovered a passion for horticulture. His philosophy on gardening is that moderation is best in all things -- “too much moisture is worse than none at all.” He is strict with his son, often calling him names like “idiot” and “ass.” It is revealed, however, that this is -- at least in part -- an element of a larger strategy to use reverse psychology to convince Matt to fall in love with Luisa. Huck hires El Gallo to stage an abduction of Luisa, which will be an excuse to bring the two families together and to afford his son a chance to show his bravery. He proposes that they spare no expense and commission El Gallo to stage a “first class” rape. He has no qualms about staging a “rape,” unlike his best friend and Luisa’s father, Bellomy, who is unsure, at first, that this plan is prudent. Although Huck and Bell pretend to be enemies (and are good at doing so), they are actually exceedingly close friends, at times even finishing each other’s sentences. They often behave like a comedic vaudeville duo. The actor playing Hucklebee should have a great comedic rapport with the actor playing Bellomy.

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