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two houses, separated by a wall


Luisa’s father Bellomy struggles with the large job of parenting a daughter. Unlike the vegetables he loves to grow, his daughter is unpredictable and not “useful,” just beautiful. Bell is a button salesman, so he appreciates and understands usefulness. Beauty is a little more foreign. Bell’s gardening philosophy is to provide plenty of water, and although he loves all of his plants, he considers his kumquats to be the most precious. Bell is suspicious of El Gallo and Huck’s plan to stage a “rape.” His initial instinct is to protect his daughter and refuse, but eventually is convinced by the magical show El Gallo presents to the fathers. Although Huck and Bell pretend to be enemies (and are good at it), they are actually exceedingly close friends, at times even finishing each other’s sentences. They are often like a comedic vaudeville duo. The actor playing Bellomy should have a great comedic rapport with the actor playing Hucklebee.

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