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a fairy tale kingdom, the woods


Cinderella is a young girl who has been forced into servitude by her evil stepmother and her equally evil stepsisters. In this version of her story, Cinderella's father is present (although sometimes he can be cut from the script), but he is a drunk who is too dysfunctional to stop or even care about the abuse that his biological daughter is receiving. Cinderella is a dreamer, and in this particular moment in time, all she wishes is that she might attend the King’s Festival. She is persistent and driven, even when her stepmother makes impossible demands. Her kind heart and loving nature have made her a friend of the kingdom’s birds, and they often help her in times of need. The ghost of her mother, who she visits under a hazel tree in the woods, helps her as well. Although Cinderella seems to know exactly what she wants, when it is actually given to her, she is indecisive and fears the unknown. During the course of the play, after experiencing the extremes that life has to offer as a servant turned princess, she decides that she wants to live somewhere in the middle. Must be an excellent legit soprano with a strong mix.

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