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a fairy tale kingdom, the woods


Rapunzel is the long lost sister of the Baker, having been adopted by the Witch after the Baker’s father stole from her garden. The Witch keeps Rapunzel locked away in a tower in the middle of the woods and climbs up her long hair in order to visit her. When Rapunzel’s Prince comes across her in the tower and sees the Witch climbing her hair, he follows suit, and Rapunzel and her Prince fall in love. After she meets the Prince, she learns a bit about what the outside world can offer, and wishes even more desperately to be given a chance to live a real life outside of her desolate tower. Her wish angers the Witch, who cuts off her hair and banishes her to a far off location to live out her life alone, away from the cruel world. Her Prince finds her, however, and between Acts One and Two she has becomes a mother of twins, and disowns her own mother, the Witch. She is tragically crushed by the Giant in Act Two. Rapunzel, like Jack and Little Red, goes through a fall from innocence that lends weight to the story’s overarching lesson to be careful what you wish for.

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