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a fairy tale kingdom, the woods


Rapunzel’s Prince is a hopeless romantic, who seems to be blinded by love, both literally and figuratively. He is the brother of Cinderella’s Prince (we assume his younger brother since he is not next in line for the throne), and they are very competitive, especially when it comes to achieving their own “happily ever after”s. He sees Rapunzel one day in the tower and watches the Witch climb her hair; once he tries it himself, the two of them fall in love. When Rapunzel is banished by the Witch and he is blinded trying to escape the tower, he doesn’t give up, but searches until he finds his princess, who cures his blindness with her tears. The marry and have twins, and it seems that they will live happily ever after. However, it is revealed in Act Two that he becomes impatient with his wife because she can’t seem to get over her troubled childhood, and seeks affections elsewhere, ultimately falling in love with Snow White. Must be dashing and regal, with a lovely legit baritone.

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