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a fairy tale kingdom, the woods


The Baker desperately wants to have a child with his wife, and can’t understand why their wish is not being granted. When the Witch visits them and tells him that a curse was set on his family because his father stole from her garden, he insists to his wife that he reverse the curse himself since it is on his house. However, he is forgetful and fearful and much too nice to take what he needs, and every time his wife tries to help, he tries to protect her by sending her home. He comes to his senses eventually and realizes that they need to work together to make things happen. The Baker has abandonment issues because his father left him as a boy, and he is terrified that he will turn out just like him. After his wife is killed by the Giant, he, Cinderella, Jack, Little Red and his baby son come together to move forward with their new knowledge and outlook of the world. A tender, warm-harted, determined but insecure leading man with a beautiful baritone voice.

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