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Belting, Legit
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a fairy tale kingdom, the woods


The Baker’s wife wants nothing more than to have a child with her husband. When the Witch comes to tell them about the curse put on the Baker’s family and explains how to reverse it, she is ready to do anything to help find all the objects they need. When the Baker insists on going it alone, she follows him into the woods and finally convinces him to let her do half the work. She is the stronger and more logical of the pair and is eventually responsible for finding most of the objects. She loves the Baker deeply and seems to love their life together, but gets annoyed with him because he won’t vigorously go after what he wants, and because he often seems to put other’s needs over theirs. Although she is a loving, compassionate person, her want of a child is more important than anything else. In Act Two, after their wish has been granted, she has a romantic encounter with Cinderella’s Prince in the woods. She feels guilty, but the experience makes her realize how much she loves her husband and her newborn child and their life together. She writes it off as a “Moment in the Woods” and starts off with new found appreciation for her life, determined to set the things straight again. She is tragically killed by the Giant before she makes it back to her family.

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