Part Size
High Note
C6 Soprano C (High C)
Low Note
Time & Place
two houses, separated by a wall


A sweet young woman who falls in love with Matt. Luisa is a dreamer, who fantasizes of a life that is “much more” than what she’s accustomed to. Luisa is delicate and sweet, and quick to swoon when Matt says something particularly wonderful. Matt criticizes Luisa for being “childish,” and while there is some truth to that, Luisa likes to think that she is instead “child-like.” She is somewhat naive, and expects that Matt live up to her expectations of a knight in shining armor. Luisa is willing to sacrifice the things she’s most attached to (including her dead mother’s necklace), in exchange for what she imagines will be a romantic, wonderful adventure, but becomes dismayed when -- instead -- she finds herself exposed to the world’s horrors. Eventually, Luisa realizes that the kind of adventure she longs for is not as magical as she imagined, and finds a mature and loving connection to Matt. Some coloratura and chest singing.

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