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england, medieval period


King Arthur is the proud monarch of England. He may not know all of his country’s provinces by name but, nevertheless, he believes his country is awesome for reasons he probably won’t explain. King Arthur thinks that he’s pretty amazing; he doesn’t even need a horse to get around (his manservant Patsy uses coconuts to make the King feel like he’s trotting.) He may not be the smartest King alive (counting past the number 1 gives him issues) but he tries to be a good King for his country. A good King can only succeed with support, and when Arthur is summoned on a holy quest from God he decides to recruit brave Knights to aid him in his mission. He is kind to everyone he meets, even if he neglects them from time to time. There are moments when Arthur actually forgets his servant Patsy is standing next to him (much to Patsy’s disappointment).Still, Arthur is loyal when it matters most. His weaknesses lie in the beautiful Lady of the Lake, killer rabbits, and angry farting Frenchmen. The actor playing King Arthur must be extremely charismatic and have great stage presence.

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