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england, medieval period


Sir Robin is described as a brave knight; the Historian depicts him as “not quite as brave as Sir Lancelot”. He, hilariously, isn’t brave at all; whenever real danger rears its ugly head he rushes off stage so he won’t soil himself in public. His grandest accomplishment on the battlefield is slaughtering the “vicious” chicken of Bristol. He wants to become a knight, despite the fact that he hates to fight. Really, all he wants to do is sing and dance and have a good time. Robin is constantly bombarded by the Minstrels who follow him. If the Minstrels aren’t recapping his latest cowardice they are reminding him of the many ways he could die (including the possibility of his head being smashed in or his bowels cut out). Suffice it to say this doesn’t help Sir Robin. He becomes helpful when the quest for the Grail takes a turn to include putting a show up on Broadway, a place about which Sir Robin is very knowledgeable. The actor playing Robin typically is cast as Guard 1 and Brother Maynard, as well.

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