That’s because I am about to puke into y



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Act One
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Zurich, Switzerland
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At this point in the play, Cecily and Carr are in the midst of a ferocious argument about art and

Monologue Text

That’s because I am about to puke into your nancy straw hat, you prig! You swanking canting fop, you bourgeois intellectual humbugger, you---artist! Marx warned us against the liberals, the philanthropists, the piecemeal reformers-- change won’t come from them but from a head-on collision, that’s how history works! When Lenin was twenty-one there was famine in Russia. The intellectuals organized relief--soup kitchens, seed corn, all kinds of do-gooding with Tolstoy in the lead. Lenin did--nothing. He understood that the famine was a force for revolution. Twenty-one years old, in Samara, 1890-91. He was a boy, and he understood that, so don’t talk to me about superior morality, you patronizing, Kant-struck prig, all the time you’re talking about the classes you’re trying to imagine how I’d look stripped off to my knickers---

Stoppard, Tom. Travesties. Grove Press, 1975, pp. 51-52.

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