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One thing I learned, Rich--and the older

Erik Blake

The Humans

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Chinatown, Manhattan. Thanksgiving. Present day.
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Erik Blake is spending Thanksgiving with his family at his daughter Brigid’s apartment in

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One thing I learned, Rich--and the older I get I see this-- it’s that having too much money--it can be just as bad for you as, you know, not having enough, you know? Gotta be careful…

I’m saying--Dee’s bosses have more money than God and they’re stingy with her on everything, bonuses, vacation days...Aimes gets fired ‘cause she’s sick--my grandma almost lost her life in a fire ‘cause her bosses locked the doors to her factory to keep ‘em from taking breaks, coupla blocks from here, so---and this isn’t some scientific notion or something---but yeah, I do notice that rich people are usually pretty messed up.

It can shift your priorities in ways that aren’t good. Right? Makes you wonder if---the kind of faith we grew up’s not perfect but you take for granted what a, a, a kinda natural antidepressant it is.

Karam, Stephen, The Humans, Dramatists Play Service, 2016, pp. 92-96

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