What Every Woman Knows

This is the House of Commons, and I’m Jo

Maggie Wylie

What Every Woman Knows

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Age Range
Act 2
Time & Place
England, 1908
Time Period
Show Type

Monologue Context

Maggie Wylie is coming to the end of an agreement with John Shand, whereby he must marry her once

Monologue Text

This is the House of Commons, and I’m John, catching the Speaker’s eye for the first time. Do you see a queer little old wifie sitting away up there in the Ladies’ Gallery? That’s me. ‘Mr. Speaker, sir, I rise to make my historic maiden speech. I am no orator, sir’; voice from Ladies’ Gallery, ‘Are you not, John? you’ll soon let them see that’; cries of ‘Silence, woman,’ and general indignation. ‘Mr. Speaker, sir, I stand here diffidently with my eyes on the Treasury Bench’; voice from the Ladies’ Gallery, ‘And you’ll soon have your coat-tails on it, John’; loud cries of ‘Remove that little old wifie,’ in which she is forcibly ejected, and the honourable gentleman resumes his seat in a torrent of admiring applause.

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