A Chorus Line

So, the day after I turned 18, I kissed

Val Clark

A Chorus Line

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An audition room, New York City, 1970s
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Val is a “gypsy” dancer in New York City. At this audition, she has been asked by the

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So, the day after I turned 18, I kissed the folks goodbye, got on a Trailways bus - and headed for the big bad apple. Cause I wanted to be a Rockette. Oh, yeah, let's get one thing straight. See, I never heard about the Red Shoes, I never saw the Red Shoes, I didn’t give a fuck about the Red Shoes. I decided to be a Rockette because this girl in my home town - Louella Heiner - had actually gotten out and made it New York. And she was a Rockette. We'll, she came home one Christmas to visit, and they gave her a parade. A goddamn parade! I twirled a friggin' baton for 2 hours in the rain. Unfortunately though, she got knocked up over Christmas. Merry Christmas - and never made it back to Radio City...

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