The Foreigner

Don't tell me you've never seen a _knife

Ellard Simms

The Foreigner

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Act One, Scene Two
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Ellard is astounded that Charlie doesn't seem to have basic knowledge of eating utensils and

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Don't tell me you've never seen a knife. Knife. That's a knife. Use it to cut things. Cut things. (Mimes) Like - ham. If we had some ham. Or bacon, or sump'm. I can't believe you don't -. (Looks around for help. There is none.) Or butter. If we had some butter, you could use it to spread it on -. You don't really need it. No, you don't need it. (Demonstrating.) Put it down. Bad. Uh-. (Charlie now holds a spoon.) Yeah, now that's your spoon. Use that to put sugar in your coffee, if you had some sugar, here. And you had some coffee - shoot. I don't really know why we got all these things. But your fork - man, I wish somebody else'd help you with this, 'cause I don't know anything, but - I think that your fork - your fork'd be the main thing you'd use. 'Cause you got your eggs, and you got your grits. Y'see? Eat 'em with a fork, just like we been doin'. Can - you - say - "fork"? "Faw-werk"? "Faw-werk." [...] Two parts. "Faw-werk." [...] Right. Put 'em together. "Faw-werk" [...] Good! That was great!

For full extended monologue, please refer to clips or the script edition cited here: Shue, Larry. The Foreigner, Dramatists Play Service Inc. Acting Edition, 1985, pp 39.

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