West Side Story

I always make it a rule to smoke in the

Detective Schrank

West Side Story

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The Jets and Sharks have had a skirmish at the school dance. Shrank suspects that they have planned

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I always make it a rule to smoke in the can. And what else is a room with half-breeds in it, eh, Riff? Clear out, Spics. Sure; it's a free country and I ain't got the right. But it's a country with laws: and I can find the right. I got the badge, you got the skin. It's tough all over. Beat it! Say, where's the rumble gonna be? Ah, look: I know regular American don't rub with the gold-teeth otherwise. The river? The park? [Silence.] I'm for you. I want this beat cleaned up and you can do it for me. I'll even lend a hand if it gets rough. Where ya gonna rumble? The playground? Sweeney's lot? [Angered by the silence.] Ya think I'm a lousy stool pigeon?

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