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The Foreigner

All right! Y'all heard her! She admits t

Owen Musser

The Foreigner

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Adult, Mature Adult
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All right! Y'all heard her! She admits this is him. This is the man we want. Gimme that walkie-talkie. (Into the walkie-talkie.) All right, Billy. Cut the lights back up. . . This here's the Invisible Empire. Standin' right here. Take a good look at us, Charlie-boy. We gonna take care a'you fer awhile. Yes, ma'am. We gonna take Charlie off yer hands. Treat him real nice, too, on account a' he's gonna be our hostage. An' you know what the rest a' you's gonna do?. Jest disappear. You gonna get escorted down to that highway right now. You gonna get on tthat first Trailways bus outta here, and nobody's gonna hear from you again, 'cause if'n we do, then Charlie here's gonna get to see what his innards look like. This here's the Klan, y'all! Y'all don't fool with the Klan! Whar's them others at? The girl, an' her kid brother? Whar are they? ... (To some of the Klansmen) Check out the house, y'all. Yeah, let's get ever'body down here. Thake a last look around, little lady. This place's gonna be abandoned property, this time tomorra'. Free fer the takin'. It's gonna look real differ'nt, real soon. Headquarters, that's what it's gonna be. GHQ fer White America. Ever'thing we need's right out thar in that van.