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Gateway Playhouse

P.O. Box 5
Bellport, NY 11713 USA
Web: Avg. Member Rating:1.00/5
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Gateway Playhouse

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Average Rating: 1.00/5
  Robert McKenna - Aug 05,2011 11:46pm

Went there for a comedy show. There were drunks in the audience and one in particular did not shut up for the entire show and was actually yelling racial slurs about Jews. When I complained to management they said she was funny, a good part of the show, and everyone was "in on it" and they would never cause trouble by removing a drunk and offered me and my wife who was with me, ONE TICKET to another show. So I should take ONE TICKET as a payoff for a lousy upsetting night out where I spent money for two tickets from the management of a theater that thinks drunks and racial slurs are just fun. I don't think so. You can spend your money better elsewhere. Don't patronize these Neanderthals who run the place as though it were an outdoor carnival. I have saved their reply in print if you don't believe me and I can send it to you upon request.

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Gateway Playhouse

D Russell Crum

Ambrose Teniozo

Andrew Gasparini

Anthony Reimer
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