Start: Anna: Anto...

The Government Inspector

Russia, 1830’s


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Imperial Russia, 1830's
Russia, 1830’s

Scene Context

Anna, the Mayor’s wife, is the mother of Marya. Marya is described in the script as a typical

Scene Text

Start: Anna: Anton? Anton? Where is everyone? ...Anton? Dearest dumpling? Where are you? Anton? Where’s your father gone? Darling bunny rabbit? ANTON! Marya: He’s not here. Anna: Yes, I can see that, thank you! This is all your fault, you stupid girl!

End: Marya: And does he have a moustache? Anna: And if so, what size? And report back to me immediately. Avdotya: Aaaaaooyug. Anna: Move, move, move, move!!

Gogol, Nikolai. The Government Inspector, translated and adapted by Alistair Beaton. Oberon Books, 2005. Pp 31-34.