Act One

The scene opens on the steps of East High as the school gathers to celebrate the first day back after winter break. The cheerleading squad perform and the cliques (jocks, thespians, brainiacs, and skater dudes) gather together (“Wildcat Cheer”). Troy Bolton, the basketball team’s leader, and Chad Danforth, his number two, celebrate the start of the season while twins Sharpay and Ryan Evans make a flamboyant entrance. Taylor McKessie enters with the rest of the brainiacs and mocks Sharpay’s diva tendencies. Taylor introduces herself to Gabriella Montez, the new girl at the school, and Gabriella tells her about a boy she met over the winter break. The scene freezes as the students become the Party Kids in a karaoke flashback. It is love at first sight as Troy and Gabriella are thrown together to sing karaoke (“Start of Something New”). Back at school, all the students agree that the new year will be a great one. As the school announcer, Jack Scott, relays the school news, the scene shifts to Ms. Darbus’ homeroom.

The drama teacher Ms. Darbus announces the auditions for the winter musical, “Juliet and Romeo,” but she is interrupted by a ringing phone. Ms. Darbus puts Gabriella and Troy in detention when she finds their phones and when Chad and Taylor speak up she puts them in detention too. The scene changes as Jack Scott announces the auditions to the school.

In the school hallway, Gabriella and Troy stare at each other in disbelief. They are amazed to see each other and Troy wonders if she will sign up for the show. She insists she won’t, as does he, whilst Sharpay forces her way between them to scrawl her signature across the audition list. Gabriella edges away as Sharpay flirts with Troy, despite his disinterest. The scene changes as Jack Scott broadcasts a note from Coach Bolton (Troy’s father) ordering Troy to get to basketball practice straight away.

The scene transfers to the school gym where basketball practice is under way. Coach Bolton is giving

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