In the 1920s, football reigns king on the fictional Tait University campus and Tait's collegians are obsessed with their star football player, Tom Marlowe. Most students will drop everything to watch him practice, to do something to earn his favor, or to follow the latest chapter in his soap-opera romance with the daughter of one of the school's wealthiest benefactors. However, one girl seems oblivious to the football-mania: Connie Lane, an intensely studious woman. Ironically, Connie is recruited to help when Marlowe fails the astronomy final he needs pass to in order to play in the big game Saturday. Soon the football star and the tutor fall for each other, and the football coach and the astronomy professor rekindle their own college romance. Inevitably, these couples' love can only survive if the team wins the big game.

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Number of Acts:
2 Acts
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Mostly male cast