King of Cadonia

King of Cadonia




˜King of Cadonia' concerns a mythical King of Cadonia, Alexis, who tires of the limitations that are placed on his freedom in part due to conspirators trying to assassinate him. Thus, he disguises himself and escapes his confines. Soon, he meets Princess Marie, the daughter of the Duke of Alasia, heir presumptive to the Cadonia throne. She ends up falling in love with this stranger and is pleased to hear that the king has mysteriously disappeared. The disguised king associates himself with the conspirators and gains their favorable opinion. When he finally reveals that he is in fact the King, the conspirators cannot help but support him. The princess is equally pleased to find that love and duty will now go hand-in-hand

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Number of Acts:
2 Acts
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Casting Notes:
Mostly male cast
Includes adult, mature adult, late teen, young adult characters