Knickerbocker Holiday

Knickerbocker Holiday




In 1647 New Amsterdam (now known as New York) a rebellious young man, Brom, falls in love with the Town Councillor’s daughter, Tina. The Town Councillor tries to have Brom hanged but Brom is saved by the arrival of Peter Stuyvesant, the new Governor. When Stuyvesant turns into a dictator, Brom protests and is sent back to jail. Stuyvesant then tries to bring the country into a war. However, he abandons his plan when it is pointed out that history looks more kindly upon peace-makers than war-mongers. Meanwhile, Brom escapes from jail and all ends well.

Show Information

Number of Acts:
2 Acts
Cast Size
Casting Notes:
Mostly male cast
Includes adult, mature adult, late teen, young adult characters