ACT 1 A woman stands alone and is soon joined by another woman and two men. They sing of their hopes and fears as they imagine exploring and finding a new world (“Opening: The New World”).

Onboard a 1492 ship, passengers voyaging to what would become America pray to God to give them the strength the need to survive the treacherous journey. As the struggle becomes almost unbearable, the passengers find renewed resolve in their hope for a better life in the new world (“On the Deck of a Spanish Sailing Ship, 1492”).

Next, we are transported a modern day New York, where a woman stands on the ledge of her penthouse. She carries on about all the problems she’s been having with her husband, Murray, and threatens to jump as a crowd gathers below. She ultimately is faced with her fear of taking “one small step” -- not off the ledge -- but to a new, better life (“Just One Step”).

In contrast, a young mother and wife appear. She doesn’t understand why she is ready for everything life could possibly throw at her, while her parents, children, and husband seem plagued with fear. She begins to realize that her strength is the very thing that stands between her and her loved ones (“I’m Not Afraid of Anything”).

Suddenly the theme shifts from love to money. Two men battle with the idea that although their hard work should pay off in the end, fortune seems to be based on “just luck”; and they don’t seem to have any (“The River Won’t Flow”).

Elsewhere, a well-married woman reminisces about the wonderful men who offered her true love, adventure and passion. She regrets choosing a different path and instead married for money (“Stars and the Moon”)

Meanwhile a man deals with his frustrations as he goes through ups and downs in his relationship. The woman he loves lies, and he walks out the door. But, the moment she cries, he can’t help but keep coming back to her (“She Cries”).

Next, a driven young man from the bronx dreams that one day he will become a famous basketball star. His

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