Act One

In 1906, in the Oklahoma territory, a handsome cowboy Curly McLain admires the beautiful morning and looks forward to the wonderful day to come as he wanders into a local farm girl, Laurey Williams’, yard (“Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’”). He and Laurey engage in some innocent flirtation while Laurey’s Aunt Eller keeps a watchful eye. There is going to be a box social dance that evening, during which local girls will be auctioning off baskets to raise money for the local schoolhouse. The man who wins each basket also wins a lunch date with the woman who prepared it. Curly wastes no time in asking Laurey to be his date. However, much to his dismay, Laurey refuses, believing that he has taken too long to ask her. In an effort to persuade her, Curly tells her all about the fine carriage he plans to drive her to the dance with (“The Surrey with the Fringe on Top”). Laurey teases him about it so much that he tells her the whole thing was made up to get even with her. She storms off, not realizing that he actually has rented the surrey he told her about.

Shortly thereafter the lonesome and disturbed farm hand Jud Fry -- who has become obsessed with Laurey -- asks her to be his date at the box social. Although Laurey is visibly distressed by him, she accepts merely to spite Curly.

Meanwhile another cowboy, Will Parker, returns from a trip to Kansas City. He is wide eyed and eager to show and tell of the modern wonders found there (“Kansas City”). While in Kansas City, Will won $50, which is the same amount that Ado Annie’s father, Andrew Carnes says will win him Annie’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately, he spent the whole $50 on gifts for her and -- except for a handful of souvenirs -- has returned home empty handed. He also purchased a “little wonder” -- a metal tube used for looking at pictures -- for Ado Annie’s father. Unbeknownst to him, the little wonder also contains a deadly secret: a hidden blade that would spring out at the push of a button.

Later on, Ado

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